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Livis Safety Barrier System

Preconstruction Planning

Working in collaboration with you, we provide insight on innovative and creative construction methods, logistics and planning to ensure all stakeholders needs and goals are achieved maximising return on your investment.

Design & Installation

From design and installation through to testing and commissioning, our experience of LUL and Network Rail design and assurance standards enable us to deliver work that exceeds our clients’ requirements and expectations.

Our team of highly-skilled people have a detailed knowledge and understanding of UK Rail, Power, Highways & Aviation

Construction / Civil Engineering

Livis work in partnership with our clients to deliver outstanding projects, regardless of their size and complexity.


As an SME, Livis has the agility and flexibility to quickly adapt to our client’s needs.

With a breadth of expertise (40 years) enables us to lead and manage successful projects on your behalf, bringing the latest innovative solutions to your project challenges, and transforming your performance and service delivery.

Our strengths in Infrastructure Civil Engineering - Rail, Power, Highways & Aviation

We deliver all types of railway construction from route works to innovative and practical refurbishments solutions on stations and depots, including new structures, footbridges and earthworks.

We have a wealth of experience in delivering infrastructure groundworks, drainage and structural concrete in safety critical environments. 

  • Stations, Depots, Sub-station and SER Buildings

  • Road and Rail Bridge Structures

  • Reinforced Concrete Structures

  • Groundworks & Drainage

  • Line of Route / Troughing Works

  • Step Free Access / Access for All

  • Footbridge Refurbishment 

  • Platform Extensions



Year Established


Part of the LUL Operating Manual


LUL Licence & Tall Plant Approved


Fixed or Vacuum 

What is the Livis Safety Barrier System


The Livis Safety Barrier System has been designed to create a safe working environment and increase productive working time on Rail and Aviation Infrastructure.


Previous deployments have demonstrated that the Livis Safety Barrier System can increase productive working time by 500% thereby dramatically reducing the cost of a job.


With careful planning project costs can be reduced by as much as 50%.



Having successfully gained full LUL approval for use on all platforms, depots and concourses. Commissioning the Livis barrier for your project is a simple generic process that our team will support.

We are currently working towards Network Rail approval.


The Livis barrier is engineered to provide full scale protection to airside and land-side structures, equipment and most importantly people. This ensures minimum disruption and optimum traffic flow for passengers and critical logistics - providing continuous operations at significantly reduced costs.


Livis Safety Barrier System features are:

  • Modular construction - simple install

  • Vacuum powered - no impact on assets

  • Suitable for all passageways, platforms, depot and concourse areas 

  • Installed by competent / trained resources

  • Fully adaptable via various accessories to suit your needs




Shock absorbers – reduces forces applied to the surface that the barrier is fixed to during an incident.  


Standby pump – In the event of a failure of the duty pump a standby pump can be manually selected.


Vacuum reservoirs – the use of teservoirs allows a continuation of vacuum/suction of up to 30mins without the use of the vacuum pumps.


Manual struts – manual struts can be deployed if suction is lost


Visual and audible alarm – if failure occurs, a Piezo alarm (100 dbA, warble) will sound and  xenon  light (1 Hz flashing) will flash.


Trained personnel – whilst working in safety critical environments the barrier must be attended and monitored by a competent person.

Kennington Station - Northern Line Extension



Head Office

Wimbledon, SW19 3UA

More Information

For more information on the Livis Safety Barrier System, please email:


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